September – October 2023

Following Our Footsteps

Pastor Fredy Osorio, one of our church planters, invited me to preach his first missions conference this year. It was definitely a challenge due to a death metal music concert going on right outside during the preaching, but God brought rain and the noise quickly subsided. God’s word will not be silenced! Afterwards, they took up their faith promise commitments and are now able to support 3 missionaries. It is so encouraging to see a daughter church follow in our footsteps!

Stand Up

Our annual teen camp titled “Watch” was centered on the last days before Christ returns. There were teens from multiple different churches. They worked hard, played hard, and got lots of spiritual challenges in between. We saw God move and fortify our youth in great new ways. It was a blessing to see some trust in Jesus for the first time and others dedicate their lives to making a change in their generation as Christ’s coming approaches. Pray they stand up for truth in these dark days!

Soaring to New Heights

My friend and supporting pastor Eli Pérez preached our annual missions conference. He preached his heart out and we tried to bless him in return. We took him on an extreme treetop ropes course and also took him paragliding over the city of Medellin. As a result of this year’s conference, all were encouraged and our faith promise commitment doubled! Our mission’s program is soaring to new heights!

Moms to Midwifes

Many mothers in the Amazon don’t have access to immediate medical care. As a result, my wife, Katie and daughter, Lily, were asked to help with a conference to help train community leaders and mothers. For two weeks they assisted doctors as they taught the basic skills necessary to deliver babies in less than desirable situations. So proud of my girls for helping train moms to be midwives!

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