Outside of Christ, our strength lies in eachother.

Katie and I met when we were 19 years old. I was new in church. Katie was finished with language school and anxious to go to Latin America as a missionary. God had different things in mind… at least for a few years.

We met at a college group winter camp. Neither of us seemed to notice each other for the duration of the camp.  On the bus ride home, that all changed. We introduced ourselves and talked the rest of the way home as if we had been friends for years. God’s sovereignty was at work. He had brought two together who would many years later become missionaries to the foreboding land of Colombia.

We got married at 21 years old and have been blessed with a happy and growing marriage ever since.

We have two beautiful girls; Abigail Rose, our firstborn, and Lily Grace, our baby. Our girls are such a blessing to us and I praise God that they can grow up in a Christian home.

March 21st

Mark – April 23rd
Katie – June 20th
Abigail – December 6, 2003
Lily – December 7, 2006