July – August 2022

Saying Goodbye

When we got to the field in 2011 our daughter Abby was just 7 years old. She was painting her face, swinging from trees with her sister in the park, and dressing up in costumes. This summer, we helped her start a new chapter in life, and helped her move back to the States. We said goodbye to our beloved firstborn, Sunday School teacher, and worship guitar player. But, we trust that our great God will continue to watch over her and bless her as she seeks him. We will miss you Abby!!

Mountain Missions

In addition to sending out a church planter this year, our mountain mission continues to grow and bear fruit. In a small village an hour into the Colombian mountains, Javier (left above) continues to oversee and grow our ministry there. We saw two teen boys follow the Lord in baptism. Pray for their growth. Pray for the work there. Pray for Javier and his wife Liliana as they continue to labor. We hope to make it an independent church as soon as next year!

Hopeful Encounter

After climbing what seemed like an unending amount of stairs up into the barrios of Medellín, we arrived at Sarai’s house. A young 30 year old mother suffering from cancer. I was burdened tremendously as we entered her room. We spoke for hours of the importance of salvation. Finally, she made the decision to humble herself and trust Jesus. It was a truly hopeful encounter!

Making Things Right

We invited Daniel and Alejandra to our home with one of their family members from our church. They spoke of their plans to marry and of wanting to make things right. We spoke of Christ and repentance and they understood their need to make corrections in their life and relationship. Afterwards, they bowed to trust Christ. Praise God Jesus came to make things right in life and eternity!

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