September – October 2022


We have church wide soul-winning twice a week. We are getting out a lot of material and continuing to reach many with the Gospel. More exciting than all of that, is watching God build our evangelistic core with young people. Several of them are young men I have personally discipled. Rain or shine, they are my fellow soldiers for Christ. Please pray that God gets a hold of them and raises up another generation of pastors and missionaries. If He would, we could reach so many more!


I (Katie) was happy to present my top three Sunday School students with an excellency award. We have been studying the life of Paul, and everything he endured getting the Gospel to unbelievers. After last week’s lesson, one student, age 8, told his mom, “Mom, I have made a decision. I am going to preach the Gospel in my school.” PTL! Pray for Nico and the other children, that through the teaching of God’s word, they will all learn to love and follow Jesus.


We had the opportunity to have our annual missions conference. We brought in a special speaker and prayed that God would help us send more to missions. We had record attendance and a great spirit throughout the conference! God moved as we saw several saved and our faith promise come in. We will be taking on a new missionary in Venezuela and raising the monthly support of the others. Praise God we can send more!


Pastor Fredy is working hard. Not only are he and his wife working full time jobs, they are also starting a new church plant. I was so excited from recent news of him baptizing two more. It was also such a blessing to preach for him recently and see a really good crowd show up with several visitors. Pray that God gives him strength as he labors the fields, that the fruit springs up, and the church continues to grow.

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