March – April 2022


I went to visit one of our shut-ins recently. She is not able to come to church do to the full-time care of her mentally handicapped adult son. After encouraging her in the Word, I decided to speak with her husband. Oscar, a retired man addicted to vice and of no help to his struggling wife with their son, sat and listened intently. After an hour of hearing the gospel, he gladly bowed to trust Christ. His wife later said he spent the afternoon in his Bible and everything had changed.

Baptizing Disciples

It is such a joy to see disciples follow Jesus in believer’s baptism. We recently baptized Alejo; a 12 year boy who comes on his own, Lucina; an older woman newly saved, Aranza; the daughter of one of our Venezuelan families, Emanuel; a boy who has been part of our church since the beginning, and Luis; an older gentlemen who recently arrived after simply seeing our church sign. God continues to build his family one at a time from all spheres of life. It is a privilege to serve Him.


After months of praying and searching God provided our first church planter with a building. Iglesia Bautista Cristo el Señor was officially inaugurated on April 10. We sent Fredy and his family along with around 15 people from our church to labor together to reach the community of San Cristobal. Please pray that God would give them wisdom and power, fruit that remains, and be glorified.

Pray ye therefore

Our church now has room to grow, but God will soon refill it. We are here to win the lost, baptize and disciple them, and send them out. Until God changes our course, those are our marching orders. But, the city is so big and we are so few. We beg you to pray more, give more, and even consider coming to help. The fields are ready for harvest. May the Lord of the harvest touch and change you forever.

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