January – February 2023

Pitalito, Colombia

The story of what is God is doing in this situation is almost incredible. God has provided a building for us to begin the new church plant. He has provided an apartment for the pastoral family to live in. Also, he has provided the finances needed for Javier to quit his job, move across the country, and begin full time in the ministry. All this from anonymous and unsolicited donors. When something is God’s will, he makes it happen! Pray as we send them out to start a new church in April.

Missions Trip

For 10 days we were fortunate to host 20 young adults from my home church, Treasure Valley Baptist Church. We had a jam packed schedule and were able to do a little of everything. But most importantly, we were able to expose 20 new people to missions and the great need of it in Medellín, Colombia. If you have never been on a trip like this, I highly recommend you do it. God will change your life. Pray he calls some of these men and women into his harvest field!

School Evangelism

While the group was here we were able to get into 2 different schools. We taught the kids some English, some American culture, and gave the gospel to over 1,000 students. These schools don’t have events like this so our group got welcomed as if they were celebrities! The Sunday afterwards a teenager showed up at our new church plant and trusted Christ! Pray for the results of these labors.

Divine Appointment

One day our group went to a mall for lunch. While there, Darren was overheard speaking English and a curious young man approached. He too spoke English so it was not long before Rakesh was invited to church. The next Sunday he came with his family and Darren preached the gospel in the main service. Rakesh responded during the invitation and trusted Christ as his Savior!

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