September – October 2020

On the road

We decided to come back to the States to get our furlough done a few months early during the pandemic. The Lord put together a schedule for us to visit eighteen churches. We have travelled through eighteen states from Idaho to Georgia. It has been tiring but at the same time wonderful. What an encouragement to see our pastors and supporting churches pressing on for the Lord during these uncommon times. We want to thank you all for your great kindness and generosity. 

Pick up football

One night in South Carolina, the girls and I went outside to throw the football around. We noticed some curious onlookers next-door. I invited them over to play, we formed 2 teams, and had a great time. Then, I sat everyone down and gave a brief gospel presentation. After listening intensely Cayson (a young teen) accepted Christ into his heart. While we were playing a game of football, God was actively scouting the players. Through faith, He added another young man to His team.

A relationship

Churches now have limited permission to congregate again. With this, our mountain mission has begun to have services. Dora visited and was very interested in knowing Christ. A week later, Liliana (one of our Bible institute students) was able to clearly explain the gospel to her. Afterwards, she chose to begin a personal relationship and invited Christ into her heart.

Church again

The second week of September our church began to have services again. We are limited to 25% of our capacity. You must preregister before each service. Temperatures must be taken upon entry. Shoe soles must be sanitized. Everyone must wear masks and 2 meters distance must be maintained. Pray for believers to live by faith and not by fear. Pray for them to come back to the church once again.

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