November – December 2020

Like Family

We went from coast to coast and back again. We visited about twenty churches and are thankful for the pastors that went out of their way to bless us. Pictured above is one of them. He is one of the most gracious and humble men that I have met. He pastors a large church and was at the hotel to receive us and make sure everything was ready. We enjoyed the fellowship and truly felt like we were home. Thanks to all the pastors and churches who made us feel like family. 

The First Time

Our last stop on the road was up in Lewiston, Idaho. It is where our niece and her husband just moved to take an assistant pastor position. Our girls love both of them and enjoyed lots of time together. One special blessing was being able to meet two new second cousins for the first time.  Being outside the country forces us to miss so many moments like that one, and everyone felt truly blessed for the opportunity. Praise God for special memories with loved ones.

Pressing Forward

I reunited with a man who has been a spiritual mentor to me over the years. He and his family were instrumental in my coming to know Christ when I was a young man. It was a blessing to sit and talk with him and although he is now retired, he is still pressing forward for the kingdom of God. His goal is to help complete a youth camp expansion before he passes on. God help us to press forward till the end!

Finally Home

The airline almost didn’t let us depart due to some code they thought we needed because of the virus. One airport suddenly canceled all flights due to a COVID outbreak. Our hotel near DFW airport had no shuttle when we needed it.  We had to return to the airport and try to sleep. We were awake for about 45 hours for a trip that took us 36. Needless to say, we were glad to finally get home.

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