January – February 2022

Growth at Home

As COVID restrictions begin to be removed, the church is filling up. The last several Sundays we have had people left standing in back looking for a place to sit. Caren’s mother had been visiting from Venezuela for several weeks, and between the witness of her daughter and the preaching of God’s word, Carolin finally responded to the invitation and trusted Christ as her Savior. It is wonderful to see God growing the church. Pray He provides the needed space for growth!

Launching Out

After months of prayer for God’s direction, Fredy has launched out into the deep. We have focused our efforts in an area called San Cristobal. It is an area to our west with a population of around 100,000. We have passed out thousands of tracts, shared the gospel with many, and had multiple Bible studies. There have been several saved and step by step a small group is forming. Please pray that God provides us with a building to rent and the small group soon becomes a church. 

Let’s Talk

A few weeks ago we began our English ministry called Let’s Talk. Brian (our teacher) has invested a lot of time and effort into creating the material and it is paying off. Every week class attendance has grown. Also, the vast majority are staying for church services which begin afterwards. God is going to use this ministry to reach people for Jesus Christ while building our church at the same time.

Making Disciples

God has given me a heart for discipleship. I truly believe that disciples are the way we change the world. And why not, since Jesus did just that with 12 of them. I never want to outgrow the privilege of spending one-on-one time with new believers teaching them to be followers of Christ. I recently started with Alejandro and our church is currently discipling 15 believers, all one-on-one. 

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