November – December 2023

New Evangelists

Our Bible Institute is a key tool that we use not only to train future laborers for the harvest and send them out, but also to develop those that stay at home. Our last class of the year was also the largest one. We had 18 students enrolled. This was a special blessing because the subject of the class was evangelism. This city is bustling with people that need Christ. What a joy to teach this group how to biblically share their faith. May God help us to raise up a new generation of soul-winners!

International Reach

I have been trying to get approved as a radio preacher with the Bible Broadcast Network for several years. It is an international conservative Christian radio station out of Charlotte, NC. They just notified me of my approval and I am scheduled to be aired in 2024. This was the first time anyone from Colombia was approved for their broadcast. It will be aired from North to South America in 12 different countries (including Colombia) and available worldwide online.

Developing Leaders

Pastor Fredy and I had the opportunity to go to the first Latin American Spiritual Leadership Conference in El Salvador. It was a wonderful time of preaching and teaching and we were both edified. Freddy experienced many firsts. He flew internationally, ate at Denny’s, and he saw and swam in the ocean for the first time. Pray for Fredy as he continues to develop as a young pastor.

New Leaders

What started as a discipleship meeting with some young men has born fruit. One of them, Alejandro (18 yrs old), has turned into one of our newest leaders. He now helps with the cleaning, evangelizes, is a junior church teacher, and leads singing. He recently went on a hospital visit with his mom and led an older man dying of pancreatic cancer to Jesus. Pray that God continues working in his life!

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