March – April 2021

Go Where We Can’t

COVID cases are sky-rocketing again. We are locked down Friday- Sunday every week and have a curfew beginning at 8pm Monday-Thursday. All of this has once again made things very difficult. This has also forced us to cancel our medical missions trip to the Amazon in May. We praise the Lord though, in spite of everything we were still able to send a messenger to the Amazon. Although we are locked down here, the Bibles we sent can go where we can’t and preach the Gospel.

Now I’m Ready

Three weeks into our discipleship, Isaac and Alejandro had gotten saved, but José (middle) was still cautious. As we finished our next lesson, I asked him one more time if he would like to trust Jesus. He looked up at me and said, “Now I’m ready.” He later prayed to get saved. Recently, all the boys memorized the books of the New Testament. Pray that God would raise up some young men to preach!

Sweet Spirit

Katie planned a ladies meeting that we had in March and things went splendidly. We had a wonderful group and many ladies came that we hadn’t seen for some time. Katie delegated the role of conference speakers to two of our own. Paula (left), a graduate of our institute, and Liliana, a current student. They did a fantastic job and presented timely messages with a sweet spirit. It is so encouraging to see our own ladies now begin to minister to others. God has done a great work!

Building Update

In our last update we asked for your help with our building project. We are thrilled to say that God has brought in donations above and beyond what we expected! One of the churches even pledged to match all giving up to twenty thousand dollars. If you have not given please don’t miss this opportunity. I believe God is going to do this. Please email me for additional information about the project and how to give.

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