May – June 2022

Divine Appointment

I was soul winning on a Tuesday and often go to a government square where many people can be found waiting for appointments. I sat down with Brian while he was waiting for a friend inside. We spoke of the spiritual realm and he told me he had recently been thinking about that subject. After hearing a thorough explanation of the Gospel and being challenged to consider his eternity, he bowed his head to trust Jesus. There are no accidents, only divine appointments.

Faithful Men

We recently baptized two young men, Greg (left) and Juan (right). Greg was a young American man passing through Medellín for a short time and Juan was from Pastor Fredy’s new work we recently started. The greatest joy was watching Fredy lead the joint baptism service and baptizing his first person. Some 8 years ago when God brought Fredy to us he was just a young Christian. Now, he is a leader, a pioneer, and a pastor. God has made him a faithful man.

Go Ye Therefore

I took a group of 6 from Medellín to help on a medical mission trip in the Amazon that we help with on a yearly basis. Two of whom were my youngest daughter, Lily, and one of my most faithful young men, Alejandro. I prayed God would move in their hearts and He answered by fire. Both were in tears at different points of the trip and later pleaded to be able to come back with me. God saved 23 souls.

Building Update

The beginning of last year we were planning to buy our current building and started raising money. Since then, the door has closed to buy. Plus, our prior building still hasn’t sold. So, our building search continues and we plead with God for new building fund donations. For context, we need at least 300-400k and have close to 25% of that. May God move mountains in a time of global economic crisis.

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