September – October 2018

Blessings From Heaven

He knows our needs

We have given out free Bibles and evangelistic and discipleship materials ever since we started here. But recently, we have begun to start running low on supplies. I remember thinking, “We need to resupply soon.”

Around the same time, we received a phone call from South Carolina totally out of the blue. A man proceeded to tell us about some material at a Colombian port that had arrived recently. He told us the whole story and  how everything was intended to go to Venezuela, but because of some problems and the current situation there, the original plan was being changed. He caught our attention.

Long story short, we ended up receiving 1,000 boxes containing 358,260 Romans booklets and 1,800 Bibles. All we had to do was pay for shipping  from the port to Medellin! Praise the Lord!! Missionary Peter Putney and I split the material and now we have lots of work to do. God knew exactly what we needed and is always faithful to provide for our needs!

He still saves souls

While visiting Brian for his Birthday we got the opportunity to meet and witness to his father, Jairo. We explained the Gospel to him and he explained how God seemed to be speaking to him from all sides: his wife, his children, our church members, and now the pastor. He couldn’t escape. He humbly bowed and prayed to receive Jesus as Savior.

I met Juan Camilo while witnessing in a public park area near our church. As he told me of finishing his engineering degree, I began to tell him about the greatest engineer of all time. Afterwards, he told me, “I have never heard it explained that way” and bowed to trust Jesus Christ!

Returning the Favor

Katie invested over a year discipling Erika, a biology professor at a nearby university. This year’s homeschool schedule required our girls to do some science lab work. Erika heard, and invited our girls to the college where they got several private lab classes. She was grateful to return the favor.

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