May – June 2018

Sowing in Tears

One of our members, Yuli, has very poor health. Inner ear problems have sentenced her to constant sickness and very little mobility. In spite of her struggles, she has shed many tears crying out for her husband’s salvation. She reported to our church recently, that after several years of praying, Mauricio had finally prayed to receive Christ! Please pray for his baptism and growth.

The Faith of a Child

In many ways, we have wondered if the people God has placed under our care in the ministry will ever be able to see life altering changes. At times, we have even thought that maybe it will be the next generation that sees the biggest transformations. Either way, it was so precious to watch as two young children from two different families followed the Lord in baptism recently. We know they are the future.

Not Return Void

When my wife Katie was 12 years old she remembers hearing from a missionary at a Vacation Bible School. She says, that as a result of that experience, God would forever change her heart about missions.

This past month, those missionary’s words became reality. We had our own Vacation Bible School and this time is was Katie speaking to the children. She spoke passionately and challenged them about their salvation, to which many responded by faith. There are never any accidents with God. Pour your heart into every opportunity God gives you! It will bear fruit in His time!

Testing the Waters

A group from our mission (BIMI) came down recently to experience missions first hand. There were 7 students and 2 leaders. They are all praying about the call of missions in their lives.

They evangelized (passed out about 10,000 tracts). They worked in the church. They experienced the culture, and we did a Vacation Bible School. The group was a blessing to our people in so many ways. May God guide each one of them into his exciting and perfect will. Pray for more laborers!

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